Company Overview

Being established in 2020, the Top Scholar Society of Bangladesh (TSSB) is working to continue its academic involvement as a research-focused pioneer institution and operation action its specific interventions both in urban and rural areas of most vulnerable communities based on analytical research interventions, research recommendations for the sector-specific sustainable development, response in humanitarian emergencies, programmatic alignment with government policies and sector priorities for community-based sustainable system and structure development. All these together contributed to the illumination of child labor, increasing health & nutritional status of children & women, developing of women’s entrepreneurship including empowerment, increasing knowledge and capacity on IT-based business for women, children, adolescents, differently able people, and the older people of Bangladeshi Communities. Our ongoing development themes are the identification of priority agenda, establishing partnerships & networking, creating an enabling environment for community participation, Climate change adaptation programming, the establishment of enabling environment at healthcare facilities, and being beside the communities for the sustainability of the programs through research interventions. Apart from this, TSSB is working to established a professional society of scholars, effective engagement of corporate in development sectors, replication of best practices & innovation, and advocacy for Underserved and underprivileged communities to ensure justice & protection through the implementation of different Govt. & national and international donor-funded development projects based on research.