Strategic Objectives of TSSB

SO 1: Ensure Sector Specific Sustainable Solutions through Research, Innovation & Development (SSS-RID)

Focused approach for SO1:

>Establishment of Research leading Society.
>Analysis of sector-specific development priorities through research & knowledge management.
>Globalization of Research-based Best Practices, learnings, and Innovation.
>Capacity building and institualiztion of Research oriented interventions.

SO 2: Established Centre for Excellence through Research-based Academic atmosphere & Capacity Building supports (CEAC)

Focused approach for SO2:

>Establishment of research academies and IT institutions
>Capacity building through training, practicum & technical education
>Partnership and networking for research-based societal development

SO 3: Promote Quality Education, IT-based knowledge, attitude, practices, and Artificial Intelligence for unserved communities (EIA)

Focused approach for SO3:

>Non-formal education of artificial intelligence & strengthen online based education
>Quality Learning Environment at the community level
>Advocacy to strengthen the government system and structures of Education services
>Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)
>Entrepreneurs and producers have access to the national & global market

SO 4: Enhance Economic Empowerment through Food Security & Livelihoods opportunities (EEE-FSL)

Focused approach for SO4:

>Households are engaged in multiple sustainable livelihood options including income generation.
>Community youth and adolescents are capacitated for engaging in the modern employment market
>Entrepreneurs and producers have access to the national & global market

SO 5: Being Beside the Underprivileged through Health & Nutrition Wellbeing (BBU-HNW)

Focused approach for SO5:

>Development of a social business system at the Community level.
>Improve nutrition practices across communities.
>Ensure essential health care for children, adolescents, elderly, differently able people, mothers & caregivers.
>Established community-based sustainable health and public health care facilities & services.

SO 6: Enhance Environmental Sustainability and sustainable WASH & WASTE Management Solutions (ESWWS)

Focused approach for SO6:

>Engage communities for environmental sustainability and building a pollution free society
>Ensure access to Safe water & Sustainable sanitation systems at the community level
>Advocacy to strengthen government systems and structures for a safer environment & climate change adaptation.
>Established sustainable WASTE management system from grassroots to national level

SO 7: Emergency Response through Humanitarian Assistance for the affected communities (HAAC)

Focused approach for SO7:

>Strengthening community-based disaster management system
>Emergency response through rapid humanitarian assistance
>Effective participation in Humanitarian Assistance services for the professionals and networks

SO 8: Ensure Justice & Protection of Children, Disable, Adolescents, Women and Elderly of the Communities (EJP)

Focused approach for SO8:

>Building enabling environment for peaceful co-existence across communities
>Established Community-based protection mechanisms and service delivery for the vulnerable.
>Legal and protection aid services for Children, Differently able, Adolescents, Women, and older people.